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THI began as a small chemical supplier in 1983. Since then, through several acquisitions, THI has become a viable contender in several facets of the contract packaging and contract manufacturing business. THI services a variety of clients in the retail and industrial markets.

THI moved to our current facility in 2003 in order to accommodate our growth and to realize greater opportunities. Our facility offers ample room for expansion and is located in a growing industrial park in the center of the United States. THI has developed expertise in packaging hazardous and non-hazardous chemical products to comply with DOT and UN regulations. THI is an EPA registered facility.

THI has a bright future ahead with our commitment to quality, safety and strict ethics and values. We look forward to helping our clients grow and becoming mutually prosperous in every aspect of servicing our customers.

Mission Statement

THI is in the business of providing manufacturing and packaging of chemicals and chemical blends to the specification of our customers. Our goal is to manufacture and deliver quality products efficiently, in a professional and flexible environment, on time, and at the right cost to our customers. We will strive to do this better than anyone and continually improve so that all members of the THI Team can share in the prosperity of long-term growth.

Code of Ethics

At THI we commit ourselves not merely to comply with the law but to comply with the highest ethical standard, even where laws do not exist or are not enforced.
We will avoid the intent and appearance of unethical or compromising practice in relationships, actions and communications.
To maintain this standard we demand of ourselves:

To maintain this standard we demand of ourselves:

  Persistence, attentive, and energetic application of abilities
  Strict observance of promises and duties, loyalty
  Truthfulness, sincerity and frankness; honorable in principles, intentions and actions
  Steadfast in effort in the face of obstacles
  Rigid adherence to a code of values
  The application of creativity and originality to problems
Core Values

Whatever the nature of your requirements, we will maintain the very highest standards of business practice. Driven by the core values that underscores every customer’s needs.

  Providing tailored services and produces of superior value and high quality to meet the differing expectations of our customers.
Creative and Innovative
  THI continues to work with customers throughout our business relationships always trying to improve performance in every aspect possible from new product development, service, delivery and cost containment.
Ensuring Honesty and Integrity
  Every activity we undertake must pass the test of public scrutiny at all times.
Values People and Teamwork
  THI employees work together in a team style atmosphere to meet defined objectives both internal and external to the customer expectation.
Results Driven
  Using Key Performance indicators THI aims to deliver targeted results to our customers.
Quality Focused
  THI works hard to excel at providing our customers with expertise, advice and materials of the highest quality.
Quality Policy
THI vows to diligently work to deliver error-free products and services as defined by our customers. The processes and controls shall be implemented that ensure all tasks are performed to allow all products and services provided to our customers and to THI internal operation meet established requirements. Quality, continual improvement and customer satisfaction are the personal responsibility of every employee. THI will also strive to be the leader for the industry benchmarking standards.